DinarPal is own by Al-DinarPal Group.
DinarPal is banking-like platform for Dinar (gold coin) and Dirham (silver coin).
No. DinarPal is not a bank. DinarPal prefer to be Baitul-Mal in the near future.
DinarPal can protect your wealth by offering you to buy at least 0.5 gram of gold bar every month and keep it in DinarPal secure vault. It also can offer you to start purchase things using dinar and dirham among members, remain your purchasing power and inflation-free. DinarPal also can offer you to get some short-term loan without interest.
No. We just offer an alternative for medium of exchange. Our main currency is still MYR.
    This online account can be used:
  • Saving, transferring and monetizing
  • You can also transfer money and gram between account holders
  • Online purchase & pawn
We got an approval from Cooperative Commission of Malaysia under the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives and Consumerism of Malaysia to operate Ar-Rahnu and Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) representative also involved in the approval process
Your account is available 24 hours, 365 days a year.
Suite 15 MITCCommercial Street,75450 Ayer Keroh Melaka.
As clearly stated in the para 6.3 in the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Guideline On Electronic Money (E-Money) "An issuer of e-money shall be a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1965" Since we are the cooperative body registered under the Cooperative Act 1993 Sub Section 7 (1) means that we are not significant to be regulated under BNM directly but we must be regulated under Malaysia Cooperative Societies Comission with the supervision of BNM.
We are not collecting any deposit from public and not offering or promised any return / yield or use any public fund to make profit. If we need to do so in future we will comply with SKM Guildeline for none-members deposit taking. Thanks
We have internal audit, external audit and supervision by Cooperative Commission of Malaysia.
DinarPal eases online selling arrangement and online transaction.
The address is www.dinarpal.com it is basically a place where you open an account and also check your account activity.
Even though DinarPal make every effort to ensure the accuracy of contents of this site, including but not limited to illustrations, prices, product details, weights and technical data, DinarPal shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained herein.
Direct bank transfers require you to consent to DinarPal linking to your account, and allow you to perform deposits or redemptions from the comfort of your home. Direct transfers typically have lower costs and faster transfer times. Bank wire transfers must be initiated with your bank for deposit by providing them with the required wiring instructions to send funds to DinarPal. 
The fee associated with a bank transfer is the standard 1% DinarPal transaction fee.
For this time, DinarPal only have two types of gold 999 and 916.
But gold with DinarPal, it easy for you to use the DinarPal system which the others do not have system like DinarPal.

Purchase and pawn Rahnu is customer want to pawn their product after purchase from DinarPal.
Pawn and Courier Rahnu is customer pawn their item to DinarPal.
No. there is no addition fee for Rahnu.
No. There is the no limitation in sending payment. The maximum sending payment is MYR 10000 for each transaction. If you want transfer more than the limit, you can request to service@DinarPal.com.
    If you have not selected a Preferred Payment Method, DinarPal will fund your transaction in this order (subject to availability based on your Payment Methods):
  • Balance
  • Instant transfer from your bank account
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • e-Check
When you send payment, the recipient is not required to accept it. Any unclaimed, refunded or denied payment will be returned to your balance or to original Payment Method. We will return any unclaimed payment to you within 30 days of the date you initiate the Payment.
Yes you are providing an authorization to merchant to process your payment and complete the transaction.
If you hold a balance, DinarPal will hold your funds in pooled accounts separate from its corporate funds, and it will not use yours for its operating expenses or for any other corporate purpose. DinarPal may receive interest on amounts that DinarPal holds on your behalf.
Depending on the degree to which you have verified your account, we may limit your ability to withdraw funds until you comply with our requests for information.
Registration for DinarPal account is free.
Yes, there is the verification fee for verify the DinarPal account.
The verification fee only MYR10 only.
The verification fee is only MYR 10 once in a lifetime and only in Malaysia.
We need your identification to make sure there is no fake account. We are committed to ensuring the safety of your personal data. To prevent unauthorized access and we have implemented prevention methods physical, electronic, and appropriate verification procedures to safeguard and ensure the security of personal data collected from you and / or from other sources.
For this time, if you have balance in E-Dinar you need to pay with your E-Dinar.
Customer can send unlimited payment using gram or money among member with no cost. But the minimum transferring amount is MYR2.00 for money and 0.5 gram for gold and silver.
DinarPal offers the safest, most cost effective and secure vault storage and silver vault storage services.
The benefit from the DinarPal vault is it fully insured which every gram of gold and silver is insured through the YAPIEM Group of Insurance, low storage fees, the financial reporting and also the withdraw anytime at the store in Malaysia.
Yes. Customer can sell anything with DinarPal.
Yes you can search the transaction by category.
You can search your pending transaction by status pending in the transaction by type send payment.
For deposit & withdrawal MYR fee, 1% (transaction amount) For withdrawal gram fee, 1% (transaction amount) from current rate price.
No, this is because our transaction is the lowest compare to others.
You can see at fee@DinarPal.com
For this time, we accept MYR only.
You can have any type of bank in Malaysia.
Amanah Deal is where there is third party between the seller and buyer.
Amanah Deal will be judgement for the problem between seller and buyer. For example the product not arrived, who responsible for it.
You can use the send payment regular transaction for those you trusted. But with Amanah Deal we provide third party who can be trusted which is DinarPal system and judge for trusted transaction.
Yes, there will be fee for use the Amanah Deal. That is MYR 15.00.
Yes the concept is same for being the third party and the problem between seller and buyer.
There is no transaction between buyer and seller.

Yes. We are committed to ensuring the safety of your personal data.
Yes. We are committed to ensure that personal data that we collect from you are accurate, complete, not misleading and up to date. Please contact us if there are any changes to your personal data or if you believe that the personal data we hold is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date.Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, you have the right to access your personal data. If you want to access your personal data, please contact us. Please note that we may charge a small fee depending on the information requested. We may also take steps to verify your identity prior to fulfill your request to access your personal data.
You will be given the notification about every transaction and if there is unauthorized access to your account or transaction, you should immediately notify DinarPal. You also can view all transaction in the Transaction.
Yes, FTP is to the secure the server and DinarPal has their own FTP.
DinarPal use the HTTPS (HTTP Secure) for protection of the private and integrity of an exchanged data. HTTPS provide authentication of the website and associated web server with which one is communicating, which protects against man-in-the-middle attacks.
We cannot guarantee that we are 100% safe from hackers, but, we have made security our biggest priority. Our systems are constantly maintained and secured from any threat that may come.
Yes, the DinarPal Mobile App for iOS and DinarPal Mobile App for Android follow the same privacy and security standards that the DinarPal desktop platform adheres to. You can be confident that using the DinarPal Apps will be safe and secure, protecting the confidentiality of your DinarPal account information and the integrity of all transactions using military grade encryption. We are committed to protecting the security of your account information when you transact online or through the mobile app.
In sha Allah you will be safe with us. We provide the 24/7 security services with close monitoring and every gram is fully insured. For the security of your information during transmission is ensured. We guarantee secure data transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL short) protocol. With SSL, your personal information you enter on our Web site will be encrypted and can thus be read only by us. The SSL encryption protocol has been established as the market standard for data over the Internet and is continuously being developed.
No, the DinarPal Mobile Apps cannot access your phone contact or other.
If your phone is lost or stolen, it is unlikely that that someone could access your account information unless they know your DinarPal email and password. However, to be safe, please contact support@dinarpal.com as soon as possible.

For those who want not plan to redeem their precious item, we help them to sell in our private auction section.
There is no terms and conditions for being bidders.
There is only MYR 5.00 per session.
There will be MYR 5.00 need to pay if won the bid with the price of item.
There is no limit. You can bid until win.
When you register DinarPal account, you already be the bidders.
The bidding board is for bidders bid the product.
You only can see the highest bidders.
Yes. There is the list how many bidders in the bidding board.
Yes, there is fee after you win the bid.
Bidding summary is the overview for all of account bid.
You should deposit to your DinarPal account and pay for the bid product.

Merchant is a business person who trades in commodities produced by other people in order to earn a profit.
  • Low Maintenance Fee
  • Low Transaction Fee
  • With only one integration required, you save time and costs.
  • As the convenience of online shopping and online payment rapidly increases, so does the need for merchants to utilize a secure online payment gateway system for streamlined transactions.
Yes you can pay with MYR, with Dinar (gram) or the Dirham (gram). After read and accept the terms and condition, then you can submit.
There is no other requirement. Since you have DinarPal account, you already be a merchant.
Yes any bank account in Malaysia.
By click the product name, then this product detail will appear.
Yes, can edit the product detail.
No you cannot edit or delete the transaction history. You only can print the detail of the transaction.
Yes you can add your new product in merchant by click the “add new product”.
Yes you can sell any of your products with DinarPal.

You can register via our website www.dinarpal.com. All personal information in the registration page should be valid, so that verification can be carried out.
You can sign up by entering your username and desired password on the DinarPal.com homepage.
It is free to register and there is no registration or annual fees for account holders.
When you register, you receive an e-mail for activation link, click the activation link. Once you do that you will be directed to the login page of DinarPal and your registration has been accepted.
You need to complete all the detail in your profile including the verification fee.
Yes you can, but you need to have different valid e-mails and username.
To create corporate account, visit DinarPal.com and select “Create Account” and choose “Corporate”.
Malaf is your account profile.
Once you register and verify the account.
No, the username cannot be change.
Yes. You can change your password.
To change your password, you can go to profile and change password.
Yes, you can change your phone number.
If you have different number of social profile, you can have multiple numbers.
You can have multiple e-mails and you can add your e-mail at the E-Mail module
Yes, you can use the debit or credit card.
Yes, you can set up multiple bank accounts.
Yes, you can set up what is the question for your security question.
You can use the banner for promotion.
No, you cannot add another banner, but you can use the provided banner for your business.
Collateral rate is the value of loan.
The safe keeping fee with DinarPal is MYR 0.55.
Six month. You can select how long you want.
Safe Keeping Fee = [Marhum*(Safe keeping fee rate/100)*(Total days/365)*12].
You can find other DinarPal member in member search in profile.
Ittihad is the affiliate.
“Affiliate” means DinarPal Holdings Inc. or a company that is a direct or indirect subsidiary of DinarPal Holdings Inc., or otherwise related to DinarPal through common ownership or control.
Ittihad is the DinarPal member who registered under your link.
Ittihad can give you the commissions.
Geneology is one level of commission.
Ittihad revenue is the commission that you will get.
Yes, you can use the unique link for promote to your friend and family.
To use the unique link, you just need to copy the unique link and promote to your friend’s.
You can use the unique link anytime, anywhere via mobile or your computer.
The affiliate QR code is the code that link to the DinarPal.com.
The benefit that you can get is the commissions for every transaction from people who register with your link.

You can deposit money into Dinarpal account after login and then go to the deposit.
Yes, there is a service charge for transactions.
You can deposit how much you want into DinarPal account.
There is no maximum amount for deposit. You can deposit how much you want.
No there is no fee for the transaction between account holders.
You can refer to the instruction given.
You can follow the instruction in instruction in the Deposit Bank Transfer. There are three steps that you should follow.
    The Step:
  • Select the Deposit.
  • Select the VISA Debit.
  • Select the amount and enter the billing information.
  • Click the “Process” button.
    The Step:
  • Select the Deposit.
  • Select the Credit Card.
  • Select the amount and enter the billing information.
  • Click the “Process” button.
Yes. You can deposit your physical gold into your DinarPal account by Keep module and go to the Courier & Keep button.
You can choose which want is the easier for you to deposit.
You can go to the Gold & Silver Souq in Sell-Buy module.
You can refer to the Terms and Conditions.
You can refer to the Terms and Conditions.
Yes you can make an order.
To make an order, log into your DinarPal Account with your user ID and password, and then click on the “Keep”. Click “Purchase & Keep” if you would like to buy the gold from DinarPal and keep in DinarPal vault; or click “Courier & Keep” if you would like keep the gold in DinarPal vault and send to DinarPal using courier services. Thereafter, you will receive order confirmation email after successful purchase. If you wish to sell to DinarPal other type of products not listed in the website, please contact us by clicking the link.
You can get the latest price of Gold & Silver from the Home DinarPal website.
You will receive a confirmation of your payment on your screen after you make the payment. You can print a receipt when your transaction has been completed (successful) for your own records.
If you have any questions about the overpayment on your account and think you may be eligible for a refund, please contact the agency stating the proof of payment or reference number.
You can refer to the Privacy Policy.
To ensuring the safety of your personal data from unauthorized access, we have implemented prevention method physical, electronic, and appropriate verification procedures to safeguard and ensure the security of personal data collected from you and / or from other sources.
We may update this Privacy Notice from time to time. If there are significant changes to the Privacy Notice, we will notify you by posting notice of such change on our website or send you a notification directly. Check back to the Privacy Notice from time to time so that you are always aware of how we protect your information.
Yes. You can cancel your order by click the “Cancel” button for every module.
The easiest way to be an agent is by use the ittihad module.
You can use the sell-buy board to give your information to DinarPal about your product.
You can use the sell-buy board to give your information to DinarPal about your product. Then the further discussion, DinarPal will contact you.

You can withdrawal until no balance in your account.
Withdrawal with MYR is you can take out your money (MYR)
Withdrawal with Physical (gram) is you can take your gold or silver from outlet.
Withdrawal with physical (gram) Transactions is the transaction to another DinarPal account.
You can get the money if you withdrawal with MYR and get your gold (gram) if you withdrawal with physical.
Yes, 1% when withdrawal with MYR.
Yes, 1% when withdrawal with Physical (gram).
For the withdrawal, you can withdrawal all the amount in your DinarPal account.
The account overview is to give summary customer account.
The system will generate the Withdrawal Code.

You can redeem the point.
You can redeem by physical (gram) get the gold or silver.
The system will generate the Withdrawal Code.

There is a variety of online product and services available for account holders.
There is no limit for daily transaction.
You can go to the send payment and choose the type of send payment.
We assure your transactions are safe and secure as we apply the latest encryption technology and security measures in providing this service.
Should you experience any interruptions at any stage while performing a transaction at DinarPal, we advise you to check the status of the transaction by checking your account balance to confirm whether the transaction was successful.
Status of a transaction success or a failure will be displayed in transaction history. To verify further, you may go and check the balance of your account.
If you do not have sufficient balance in your account, the system will prompt you during transaction to deposit using deposit function.
Your will receive a confirmation that the transaction was successful and the receipt that you have purchase with DinarPal
Yes, you can cancel by click the Cancel button.
You can contact Support Center or support@dinarpal.com 
Apart from an internet enabled computer, there is no added hardware requirement. However to get optimal performance we advise you to have a broadband connection.
You can contact Support Center or support@dinarpal.com 
You can go to the Gold and Silver Souq.
The “Buy Now Pay via DinarPal” button is the button that can pay with your DinarPal account.
No there is no single transaction limit.
There is no monthly transaction limit.
You can view transaction history in the account overview.

Please contact us at support@dinarpal.com or visit our Support Center.
The support is to give customer service.

You can go to the account deactivation. You should know the rule before you deactivate the account.
We only retain your user data for 30 days from the data of deactivation after which we begin the process of deleting your account from our system which can take up to a week, as provided in our Private Policy, unless there is a separate arrangement between you and DinarPal to extend your deactivation period. You may reactive your account at any time during these 30 days by logging in.
Yes. You will receive the balance in my account.
Yes, you can withdrawal all the amount in your DinarPal account.
At any time you can choose to redeem your gold, either in physical gold, or point and discontinue use of your account. If you have further questions, please contact us at support@dinarpal.com or visit our Support Center.
In the unfortunate event of user death or incapacitation, we will take instructions in respect of your account from your authorized executor or administrator upon delivery of sufficient proof of authority of such executor or administrator.Please contact support@dinarpal.com for assistance.
You can go to the profile and edit your account information.
To be eligible to use DinarPal Services, you must be at least 18 years old (or the applicable age of majority and contractual capacity if you reside in a jurisdiction where the age of majority or contractual capacity is above 18 years of age). By accessing or using DinarPal services you represent and warrant that you are at least of the applicable age of majority and contractual capacity in the jurisdiction in which you reside.
Yes. There is the notification for every transaction of your account.
As you send and receive payments, make deposits, or request redemptions, you'll receive a corresponding notification in the app. The notification alert will sound and the notification icon will change.
How do I view my notifications?
Clear your notifications by tapping 'Clear All' on the detailed view. The notifications view will close and you will receive a confirmation. You can confirm that your notifications are clear by re-opening the detailed view.

For this time, only at Malacca.
Yes you can choose the payment method either with the E-Dinar or E-Dirham.
You can see your item list. It shows the total quantity, total MYR, and the total weight.

DinarPal Coop is own by Al-DinarPal Group.
DinarPal Coop is banking-like platform for Dinar (gold coin) and Dirham (silver coin).
No. DinarPal Coop is not a bank. DinarPal Coop prefers to be Baitul-Mail in the near future.
DinarPal Coop can protect your wealth by offering you to buy at least 0.5 gram of gold bar every month and keep it in DinarPal Coop secure vault. It also can offer you to start purchase things using dinar and dirham among member, Remain your purchasing power and inflation-free. DinarPal Coop also can offer you to get some short-term loan without interest.
No. We just offer an alternative for medium of exchange. Our main currency is still MYR.
The price for one unit of the DinarPal share is MYR 1000 and MYR 100 is for entering fee as DinarPal Coop member.
DinarPal Coop member will receive dividen and able to get Bonus Share based on shareholder.
DinarPal Coop dividen is from 3% to 10% depends on the six month before the final finance of the year.
Yes. In times of crisis, gold is the safest investment that also has the greatest potential to increase your wealth.
Yes. This is because the share modal will be used for main activity DinarPal Coop which is Ar-Rahnu (Pajak Gadai) where gave the fast and easy loan to member or non-member. The loan rate is about 50% to 80% of the value of the gold (gram).
The different is DinarPal ArRahnu give the high loan and low safe keeping fees. This will attract people use DinarPal. DinarPal revenue also more than other conventional ArRahnu which is revenue conventional ArRahnu only from keeping fee and pawn product. Moreover DinarPal has another ten (10) sources which is verification fee, activation fee, ArRahnu fee, transaction fee, amanah deal fee and keep fee. This proved that DinarPal will go further than other.
DinarPal is Islamic payment gateway, which is DinarPal Coop and share member will enjoy the profit and loss together.
Yes this business follows the syariah mortgage principle. There is the Syariah Compliances which get an approval of Syariah committee of Al-DinarPal Group.
Yes Koperasi DinarPal Melaka Berhad (M-04-14) registered on 10 MAY 2013 by Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM).
Yes for those member and buy share with DinarPal Coop then automatically will get the authority and liability as member DinarPal Coop that already in the Undang-undang Kecil.
For Muslim member should give the legal beneficial for accept the authority in DinarPal Coop. For Non-Muslim, can rename or more beneficiary.
The legal beneficial able to recourse in one (1) month after member die and do not need to register as member.
The beneficiary member valid from the date of death member or start from the date changes share member.
DinarPal Coop member has right to change or cancel but Koperasi need to know about it.
For those register with Koperasi or who sign first Koperasi meeting should pay the share in three (3) month of registration that accepted by Koperasi. For being member, should pay the entering fee MYR 100 and also settle the entering share.
Yes. Share member can change their share more than minimum amount to other member.
Share member officially change after the signed other members and registered by Koperasi.
The transfer in sixth (6) month after the share member death.
Member able to resource the share value based on the share given.

Its means a Personal or Business DinarPal Account.
Your abilities to transfer money from your bank account to your DinarPal Account.
Business Account is account used primarily for business purposes and not for personal, family, or household purpose.
“Commercial Entity Agreement” means the agreement that commercial entities are required to enter into directly with DinarPal’s payment processor(s).
Customer Service is DinarPal’s customer support which can be accessed online through the DinarPal Help Center at any time.
“Micropayments for Digital Goods” means DinarPal Service offered to certain qualifying Merchants who sell Digital Goods that, among other things, offers micropayments pricing and integrated website tools.
“Unauthorized Transaction” means as defined in Section 8.1 of this Agreement.
“Verified Account” means an Account status that reflects that DinarPal has verified that an Account holder has legal control of one or more of his or her Payment Methods. A Verified Account status does not constitute an endorsement of a User or a guarantee of a User’s business practices.
A payment processed by DinarPal through the Virtual Terminal flow that is funded directly by a credit or debit card and not through an Account. “User” means any person or entity using the DinarPal Services including you.